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Social Security

The Republicans know social security is not broke and it pays for it self. The problem is, The corporation and big business does not want to pay their half of your FICA tax.
Obama let the Republicans cut your FICA tax knowing it would cause the trust fund to run out of money in the near future. Because most people only think about more money on their pay check, which is only a couple of dollars, it saved big business's billions. It put your social security in danger and that was the plan of the Republicans!

Obama has a group of people that wants to cut Social Security and Medicare for the elderly and take away your retirement in the future.

Americans are under attack by the GOP, Republicans! 19 foreign countries draw Social Security and Medicare, they can retire at 62 with full benefits. No news media or members of congress will say a word about this. That is unless you ask and then you might get the run around! Why are the Seniors and the American people under attack by the people we elected. Take time to explore the information and watch the videos.

Not to balance the budget, they are doing it because the fat cats and big business don't want to pay their half of your FICA tax! Obama betrayed the democrats and the people who put him in office. He is not fit to be President.

Obama is a puppet to David Rockefeller ,CPR, The Bilderberg group! He pushes the Bush agenda in secret!
Social Security news that effect you and members of your family.Obama has destroyed your social security!

Breaking News!

According to Social Security, it is not in danger. "reported that if nothing was done in the next 30 years, it would only require a small increase in SS which only would amount to a few cent out of your pay check.

Obama betrayed the American people, he said in the past, along with the accounting office that social security was not broke and if a couple of dollars were added a month,one dollar from you and one from the employer it would take social security far in to the future.

Obama sold out to the Republicans to get one of his far left bills passed. He let the Bush tax cuts be extended while cutting the FICA TAX under the pretense that is is a tax break. The Republicans are out to destroy Social Security and Medicare, Obama promised to protect them both. Obama has not given SS a cost of living increase in three years. He has not given the disabled veterans a cost of living increase.

What Obama did do by cutting the FICA tax was to save you a couple of dollars a month, is it worth it to lose your social security retirement? That is what the republicans had Obama to do if he passed the Bush tax extension.

Obama betrayed the seniors and the American people!
It is a sad day when we can not trust the democrats or the republicans! It is bad when Obama lied to us and continues to do so! Is Obama legal or illegal! An American would never do what Obama is trying to do to this nation.

President Bush, McCain, Rumsfeld, and other Republicans we elected to protect us and this nation tried to take away your retirement benefits that you paid into all of your life. WHY? So big business would not have to give their fair share to their employees.

Don't blame it all on Republicans, President Carter let 29 foreign countries draw from our SS trust fund. Why would any American do this?

Senator McCain needs to be removed from office because of his remark that SS was a disgrace!

Senator McCain who wants to be President had this to say about Social Security.

McCain said Social Security was a disgrace,what kind of person would say drawing the money you paid into Social Security, that the program was a disgrace? McCain draws over $1900,00 a month from SS.

When Bush took office we had a 3.6 trillion dollar surplus. Bush and the Republicans like McCain spent the money. If you look back in the past every time we had a republican president our economy was bad, we had to struggle to feed our family. I remember Ford telling us to tighten our belts that is was going to be rough for us to pay off the national debt. Regan trickle down economics, a bad economy, Bush the first, the worst economy and the largest national debt in the history of America, that is until we elected his son.

Republicans have been against Social Security and Medicare and have spread rumors years ago that is was broke, it was a lie straight from hell. Republicans would have you believe that the money you pay into SS is not a trust, that they can spend it with out being held accountable.

If you look back when Bush and the Republicans were in power, it was one big lie, they lied about the war in Iraq! They lied about SS and MC, They lied about disabled veterans benefits because they did not care about the men and women they sent to war! The world watched the lie and looked on in disbelief that the American people let it happen and as you watch the Republicans that remain in office, it is a repeat of the past that happens every time they are in charge.

You can stop the lies and deception! Republicans are using the same lies they used for years that they did not want our children to be stuck with a large national debt, yet they are the ones they continue to borrow and put this nation in debt. Obama had no choice because the Republican in office destroyed this nation and the economy! Bill Clinton made every Republican a liar, he said he would balance the budget, they called him a liar. He not only balanced the budget he had a 3.6 trillion surplus in SS that Bush and the Republicans spent.

Bill Clinton run for President against Bush number one, our economy was bad, the national debt high. The only thing we heard from the republicans in congress was bad news, they put fear and hardship on the American people so they could push their hidden agenda with out us knowing what they were doing.

Bill Clinton said he would balance the budget, the republicans called him a liar. Bill Clinton not only balanced the budget, he gave us the good life, the American dream while he did it. Unlike the republicans who kept us in poverty. The republican had been exposed by Bill Clinton as the problem not the economy. Now we are in the same condition, only worse. Bill Clinton kept his word to us and opened our eyes to the deception of the republicans. He gave us a 3.6 trillion surplus and balanced the budget and now almost 8 years later this nation is in decay, the largest nation debt and worse economy in history.

You may say it was because of 9/11 and the war on terrorist.The only problem with that, the war should have never been started, it was based on lies and deception that destroy our economy and spread poverty across this nation, depleted the Social Security surplus and gave us the largest national debt in history. Bin Laden is alive and well and the terrorist is growing across the world., The Bush administration did not go after the terrorist, they went after Saddam! The Terrorist are alive and well.

The Republicans and President Bush used the war, terrorist and the bad economy he created to destroy Social Security and Medicare, it back fired on him. Then him and Rumsfeld betrayed the men and women of the military that serve to keep this nation free, while they fought and died, wounded and crippled Bush and Rumsfeld was trying to change the laws passed by congress that protected the disabled veterans. They tried and are currently trying to do the same, cut the disabled veterans benefits, taking away their life line.

McCain is part of this attempt to destroy Social Security and the republicans and the DOD which Rumsfeld was in charge of. He was and is apart of taking benefits from the disabled veterans he sent to war.

McCain will continue to take away Social Security and Medicare, also to cut benefits for the disabled veterans, he could very well be a lot worse then Bush. The Social Security trust fund is not broke, the lies have been spread all of theses years the republicans were in charge preparing the American people for George Bush to destroy SS. Congress has spent trillions of SS money and they continue to do so. Get them out of office, the shape of this nation is a direct out come of their poor leadership.

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