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Senior Citizens Medicare Social Security


Medicare and Social Security

Democrats See Medicare as Campaign Weapon With NY Win, Which it is because the republicans tried to destroy MC and SS. SS was reduced from 40 years to 20 years because of the speaker of the house and Obama giving billions of dollars TAX BREAKS(FICA TAX) TO BIG COMPANIES.

New proposal for Medicare Posted by CNN Radio's Bob Costantini Washington (CNN) – They know better than to propose legislation in the current political atmosphere, but two political opposites came to terms Thursday on keeping Medicare solvent. They are left wondering, however, if their political parties will. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican Budget Committee Chairman who sparked an outcry this year by proposing to privatize all of Medicare gave in a lot. So too, liberal Sen. Ron Wyden, a member of the Special Aging Committee, who is bound to spark an outcry from many within his own party. Their proposal, unveiled in Washington, would "make sure that traditional Medicare, with its marketplace clout, popularity among seniors, low administrative costs was preserved for all time," according to Wyden. "That was hugely important," from the Democratic perspective. But to help control costs, seniors would have the option of using private health insurance plans. "It is all a 'public option'," Ryan said of the current system, bringing back a phrase from the health care reform debate. "So this is moving us from that toward a patient-centered, choice-based system." Only referencing Ryan's original position in a statement, the liberal Americans United for Change called the proposal "lipstick on a pig." It showed just how hard the idea of partial privatization may be to sell to Democrats on Capitol Hill. Wyden told the audience at a Bipartisan Policy Center forum Democrats and Republicans could agree that Uncle Sam would put up a set amount to pay for seniors' coverage, as Ryan originally put forth. But he added flexibility to the new proposal which would allow Uncle Sam to step in with more help for those choosing private plans "if costs did go up [precipitously, so that] it just didn't automatically hammer the seniors with extra costs." After the event, Wyden told reporters that despite the comity of the moment, Democrats might still hammer away at GOP votes on the original Ryan proposal, which was part of the House budget plan early this year. Under the compromise proposal, seniors could choose private plans that are as good or better than conventional Medicare, they said. The White House was unmoved, reacting that the new plan "would undermine, rather than strengthen Medicare," according to spokesman Jay Carney. It could "over time, cause the traditional Medicare program to wither on the vine," Carney said reading a prepared reaction, "because it would raise premiums forcing many seniors to leave traditional Medicare and join private plans." He ended by calling the new plan "the wrong way to reform Medicare. That's our position."

Social Security Didn't Create the Deficit Social Security didn't create the deficit, but America's seniors are being presented with a fake Social Security crisis to try to trick them into accepting reduced benefits. Social Security will be able to pay 100% of its benefits through 2037 without any changes whatsoever. So, why the panic today? If seniors accept cuts to Social Security benefits today, a surplus cash flow will build in the Social Security trust fund. According to the Congressional Research Service, "Social Security's cash surpluses are borrowed by the U.S. Treasury and can be used for tax cuts, spending or repaying debt." Social Security benefit cuts are increasing taxes paid to Social Security or extending retirement age will give more money for tax cuts spending or repaying the debt. Except for one thing: Social Security money belongs to those who have paid into the fund, it's not the government's money to use it; it shouldn't be the government's money to play with. Senior citizens should not have to accept a reduced standard of living to finance tax cuts for the rich. We must take a stand for senior citizens and protect Social Security and protect future generations from this raid on Social Security's funds.

This is the laws passed by congress making it a crime for the government to spend social security. Boehner and Cantor are criminals that are trying to undermine the laws of this nation. Wake Up America , the money belong to you not the government, they are spending your money protected by law to pay their pork and foreign aid and ect so they will not HAVE TO RAISE TAX FOR THE WEALTHY AND THE CORPORTATIONS, OBAMA HAS TO KNOW ABOUT THE LAWS THAT PROTECT SS AND MC!

SENATOR CORKER TENNESSEE,wrote a bill Cap,Balance, it was a bad bill and attempted to deceive and cover up his attempt to destroy social security and medicare. The bill was exposed for what it is, Borhner and Canter pushed the bill through the house because it fit their agenda.

Senator Alexander who sponsored the bill broke away when he learned that it destroyed Social Security.

The Senate will not pass the bill and President Obama will Veto it, that is how bad the bill is.

The Speaker of the House John Baehner and Eric Cantor are leading the house like Hitler let Germany. Boehner and Canter main agenda is to attack the elderly,the disable and the poor, to protect the rich, the corporation from paying for the wars and the spending that voted for and was justified by lies and deception.

Now they want to attack the elderly the disabled and the poor like Hitler did the Jews.

If we have laws that proves Social Security is a trust fund and can not be changed by Boehner, why does he continue to try to destroy it and call it an entitlement. What can we do to have the law enforced? A law was passed in 1990 social security money can only be used for social security therefore it is not the cut. One senator the other day admitted they owe social security 3 trillion dollars but i think that's fuzzy math. in 1960 Johnston dipped into those funds for war Bush 41 did and Bush 43 did and you cant tell me this guy didn't so they owe social security a heck of a lot of money but it was never there to be their piggy bank so they have to put it back cause they broke their own federal law.And they cannot cut what is not theirs to cut.

Social Security is the FICA Tax like your 401K, it is suppose to be put in the social security trust fund, the corrupt politicians put it in the General fund so they could spend it. When Bush first tried to destroy SS, We tried to make congress protect the trust fund. The money you paid into social security and medicare all of your life has been robbed, like the corporation's robbed the retirement fund of their employees.

The people we elected betrayed the American people and robbed them of their retirement so they could give 150 foreign countries foreign aid and pay for the wars that is unjustified so the can remove all of the dictators that stand in the way of a one world government, you are paying the price.

Tue, 07/12/2011 - 2:30pm — Peter Sterne Barack Obama is now saying that the government may not be able to send seniors their August 3rd Social Security checks if Republicans do not agree to a compromise that raises the debt ceiling. The president issued the warning during an interview with CBS News scheduled to air tonight.

Obama's press secretary confirmed to The Hill that "we can't guarantee if there were a default that any specific bill would be paid," if the debt ceiling is not raised.

To ensure that the August 3rd Social Security checks will be sent, the government's borrowing authority must be increased by August 2nd. So far, Republicans in Congress have refused to raise the ceiling unless Democrats agree to cut social welfare programs without raising taxes on anyone.

By invoking Social Security, a beloved social program often referred to as the "Third Rail" of American politics, Obama is calculating that the public will blame obstructionist Republicans--and not his own administration--for an impasse that denies senior citizens, the single group of Americans most likely to vote, their benefits.

[The Hill]


An upset Democratic win in a congressional election in New York showed the power of Medicare as a campaign issue, giving the party new hope and a possible blueprint for reversing last year's heavy losses in 2012.

Republicans cautioned against reading too much into Democrat Kathy Hochul's victory in a conservative upstate House of Representatives district, as a self-described tea party candidate siphoned off Republican support.

But for the first time since their landslide loss in 2010, Democrats were optimistic Wednesday about the outlook for 2012 when control of the White House and both chambers of Congress will be up for grabs.

"If the election of a Democrat in one of the most conservative Republican districts in the country isn't a flashing warning to Republicans, I don't know what would be," Rep. Steve Israel, head of the House Democratic campaign committee, told Reuters.

The special election to replace disgraced Republican Chris Lee, who resigned in February after his shirtless photo appeared on the Internet, was initially expected to be a cakewalk for Republican Jane Corwin in the heavily Republican district.

But the race tightened as Hochul turned a spotlight on Corwin's support for Republican plans to cut spending and overhaul Medicare, the government-run health care system for the elderly.

Outside groups poured money into the race, which represented the first test of voter sentiment about GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan. Even some conservatives acknowledged the initial results were not promising for Republicans.

"What is clear is that this election is a wake-up call for anyone who thinks that 2012 will be just like 2010," said Steven Law, president of the conservative outside group American Crossroads, which spent heavily on the race for Corwin.

He shrugged off Republican arguments about the influence of third-party candidate Jack Davis, who drew 8 percent of the vote. He said the 2012 election clearly would be fought in a tougher political environment for Republicans.

"The debate over whether Medicare mattered more than a third-party candidate who split the Republican vote is mostly a partisan Rorschach test," Law said.

Republicans rolled to big election victories last year with promises of dramatic cutbacks in federal spending and government. Ryan's budget for fiscal 2012, approved by House Republicans but blocked by the Democratic Senate, proposes sharp changes in Medicare.

Ryan rejected suggestions the result would be a death knell for his Medicare plan, and said the Democratic campaign focused more on frightening the elderly than enlightening them.

"It's demagoguery, it's scaring seniors," Ryan said of the Democratic criticism during an interview on the MSNBC cable network. "I think the primary problem is the third party that got involved here."

Rep. Pete Sessions, who heads the Republican House campaign committee, said drawing broad conclusions from special elections was risky. A Democratic win in a closely watched Pennsylvania special election last year meant little six months later when Republicans swept to huge House gains.

"If special elections were an early warning system, they sure failed to alert the Democrats of the political tsunami that flooded their ranks in 2010," Sessions said.

Israel said Democrats will target 97 Republican-held House districts that are more Democratic-friendly than the New York district, where Republicans held a six percentage point voter registration advantage. That includes 61 House Republicans in districts won by Obama in 2008.

"I'm not saying we can win all of them, but I'm saying there are 97 Republicans who lost sleep last night," Israel said.

Some Republicans argued Corwin was a poor candidate, echoing last year's Democratic complaints that the weakness of their Massachusetts Senate candidate was a bigger factor in Scott Brown's stunning special election win than voter anger over the healthcare overhaul.

But just as Brown's January 2010 win changed the tenor of the political debate on healthcare, Hochul's victory could have an impact on the Capitol Hill debate on Ryan's Medicare overhaul.

"The voters in NY-26 sent a clear message that ending Medicare as we know it is not how we should tackle our nation's deficits, and that's a message that will reverberate across the country in 2012," Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer said.

© 2011 Thomson/Reuters. All rights reserved.

AARP Pivots on Social Security Benefit Cuts

Published June 17, 2011

| The Wall Street Journal

Print Email Share Comments Text Size Washington – AARP, the powerful lobbying group for older Americans, was dropping its long-standing opposition to cutting Social Security benefits, a move that could rock Washington's debate over how to revamp the nation's entitlement programs, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The decision, which AARP has not discussed publicly, came after a wrenching debate inside the organization. In 2005, the last time Social Security was debated, AARP led the effort to kill President George W. Bush's plan for partial privatization. AARP now concludes that change is inevitable, and it wants to be at the table to try to minimize the pain.

"The ship was sailing. I wanted to be at the wheel when that happens," according to John Rother, AARP's longtime policy chief and a prime mover behind its change of heart.

The shift, which was vetted by AARP's board and is now the group's stance, could have a dramatic effect on the debate surrounding the future of the federal safety net, from pensions to health care, given the group's immense clout.

At the same time, AARP runs the risk of alienating both its liberal allies, who vowed to fight any benefit cuts, and its 37 million members, many of whom were deeply opposed to such a move.

To win them over, AARP was preparing coast-to-coast town hall meetings to explain the problem and possible solutions.

In an early sign of its new approach, AARP declined to join a coalition of about 300 unions, women's groups and liberal advocacy organizations created to fight Social Security benefit cuts.

"The coalition's role was to kind of anchor the left, and our role is going to be to actually get something done," Rother said.

Leaders of the coalition, dubbed Strengthen Social Security, agreed that AARP's views would carry weight in Washington but predicted that the group would see a bigger backlash from its members than it expects.

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Video of what Mexico is doing for their seniors and people.

Senior Citizens AARP has betrayed you along with Obama,Democrats and most of all the Republicans. Read and watch the videos made available for you to know the facts! take action and vote the corrupt politicians out of office, call them to day and demand they stop the attack.